About the Artist

In the winter of 1997, five-year-old me discovered the magic of art as means to fill the voids of boredom. As a child, I got away with my biggest goof-ups by meticulously drawing ‘I’m sorry, it looked like fun’ cards for my mother. I grew up in Dehradun, a town surrounded by the imposing Himalayan range and I've been carrying these mountains with me ever since. I have strolled through the alleys of my childhood, drawing mountains under sunsets, tiny leaves, and vast blue skies. 

While pursuing my Master’s in Social Psychology at London School of Economics, I learned about the deep, heartfelt stories children tried to tell through their paintings, and stumbled upon the use of art to depict mental health journey of adults. I dug deep to understand what was said, and left unsaid about their experiences and I was moved by the voice art had given to them. I decided to use mine then. So here I am, with the hope to share stories of my inner landscape with you through 'draftingboard'. I feel deeply connected with stories of survival of mental health illnesses, respect for nature and the unfolding of immense human potential and I hope to do justice to them through my art.

I spend most evenings painting galaxies and coddling abandoned dogs. My name is Ishtha Kapoor.

Glad we met.


About our values

We at draftingboard are committed to being environmentally conscious and in the process of getting these artworks to you, aim to leave behind as little carbon footprint as possible. So you can do a little dance of joy when you receive your packages, that are hand-wrapped in recycled material sans-plastic, because you have contributed towards a greener planet. And we will do a little dance of joy here because it is through your support that we can continue these sustainable practices :)