The Gratitude Calendar
The Gratitude Calendar
The Gratitude Calendar
The Gratitude Calendar

The Gratitude Calendar

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The Gratitude Calendar is perfect for all of us who have begun to slowly step out of our homes and re-discover this lovely planet. In the coming year, as our wanderings become more hopeful and frequent, let’s remember to be grateful to all these places where we make our temporary homes. What we buy, how we travel, what we carry, and most importantly, how we dispose, greatly impact these fragile ecosystems.

Every month, the artwork in the calendar will serve as a reminder that we have many places to love and be responsible for. 

  • 1 calendar box contains:
    - 12 prints : 6"x4"
    - 1 wooden stand : ~ 3"x2"x2"
  • Product printed on high quality 300 gsm paper.
  • This product is currently for pre-order only. Pre-order ends on 5th December and shipping commences 6th December.
  • This price is for pre-order only.
  • Product printed and shipped out of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Please allow 3-4 working days for the product to reach you.
  • Product currently available in India only.